Garden Discoveries – Saunders’ Case Moth

with Jasmine

Yesterday was another beautiful Autumn day. We were spending a lovely afternoon in the garden when Aaron (6yrs) discovered a cocoon.

Saunders' Case Moth Cocoon
I love living in the age of instant answers – a quick internet search showed it to be a Saunders’ Case Moth (native to Australia). These grubs live their whole life in their cocoon emerging only to feed in the evening and for the adult males to fly and find an adult female moth (still in its cocoon). They drag their cocoons around with them. For more info check out Museum Victoria

Suanders' Case Moth Grub. The orange a black grub is popping it's head out to nibble some leaves

Later that evening we went to check on the cocoon and were rewarded with seeing the orange and black grub just popping it’s head out to nibble some leaves.

Aaron (6yrs) took these photos to school for “news”.  Hope his class find it interesting!


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