Masking Tape Hopscotch

Masking Tape Hopescotch

Wet cold days mean kids with far too much energy. My hat goes off to those of you who have families in apartments. I am not used to having to entertain my kids indoors all day. So anyway way you guessed it – it’s wet and cold and even the school kids have too much energy this afternoon. So what to do….

Indoor games that take lots of energy and that doesn’t end in fighting (I’m minding my 6yr old niece as well so have two 6 year olds and two 2 year olds.)

First up Alphabet movement Cards – Printed from here
The 6yr olds spelt out their names and we did the exercises for each letter of their names. (Got in some incidental reading without them realising!)
Then we did the whole alphabet.

Next was insect themed movement exercises from here. As the blog only had a photo of the one she made I then created some but as i don’t yet know how to up load it. If you request a copy in comments I’ll email it to you

Insect Gross Motor

Masking Tape Hopescotch

The older two still had excess energy so onto Masking Tape Hopscotch …
Masking Tape
Optional: Bean bag

Using the masking tape “draw” the hopscotch – I used the square tiles for some of my squares but it would be easy to make the whole thing out of tape. Then again with the tape numbers 1-9.

Play hopscotch – hope in numbers 1-3, jump with one foot in each of 4 & 5 hop in 6, jump with one foot in each of 7 & 8 and turn in 9.

Optional: throw the bean bag into square 1 and miss that square. hoping/jumping in the rest as per above, next time through throw the bean bag into square 2 and miss that square and so on. When you throw into 4 miss four by just hopping into 5 and so on.

Ages 4+
Practised throwing, hopping, jumping, planning how to miss the appropriate square.


9 thoughts on “Masking Tape Hopscotch

  1. Hi there, tape hopscotch is such a good idea! I would love a copy of your insect themed movement exercises if possible please.
    Thank you

    • Thanks Racahel, If you click/right click on the picture you should be able to ‘save the image’ and then import it into Word or like to print it. If that doesn’t work for you please leave your email address and I’ll email it to as a PDF. Jasmine

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  3. Hi! I would love a copy of your insect movement cards, please! We are starting a month long study of Creepy Crawlies and these would help us to get moving on rainy days! TIA!

    • Hi Shannon, A month study of creepy crawlies sounds like heaps of fun! I have emailed you a copy of the insect movement cards as a photo and as a PDF. Jasmine

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  5. Please email your bug movement cards! They would be great for my drip in daycare’s spring break camp which is bug themed this year! Thank you!

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