Quick easy food for children – soft boiled eggs

With Jasmine
Soft Boiled eggs  zillycreate.wordpress.com

I’m always keen on quick, easy and cheap food to cook for and with my kids so when Lacy (2yrs) requested “eggs” for lunch I was more than happy to comply.
Not much is easier than soft boiled eggs with toasted “soldiers”.

I’m trying to incorporate Lacy and Aniya into everyday cooking (not just baking) but with such a simple recipe there wasn’t much for them to do. We did talk about the noise the pot made once the water was boiling and watched the egg timer…
Soft boiled eggs zillycreate.wordpress.com
Cost: not much as our eggs come from our chickens and the bread was homemade.

Time: 10 mins

Age: 1 year + (1-12 year olds will need help with the stove and toaster)

Taught: concept of ‘boiling’, patience and using a timer.


Gluten free ideas for school birthdays

My daughters are gluten free, the eldest started school last year and I needed ideas for what I could send instead of cupcakes for school.
Honey joys – so easy and fun for the kids to make with you.
Recipe http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipe/honey-joys-L6712.html
I just use corm flakes with no gluten. Eg skippy or home brand etc.
Really good as low allergy as no nuts, eggs and could use dairy free butter:) even better so fast to make!