Quick easy food for children – soft boiled eggs

With Jasmine
Soft Boiled eggs  zillycreate.wordpress.com

I’m always keen on quick, easy and cheap food to cook for and with my kids so when Lacy (2yrs) requested “eggs” for lunch I was more than happy to comply.
Not much is easier than soft boiled eggs with toasted “soldiers”.

I’m trying to incorporate Lacy and Aniya into everyday cooking (not just baking) but with such a simple recipe there wasn’t much for them to do. We did talk about the noise the pot made once the water was boiling and watched the egg timer…
Soft boiled eggs zillycreate.wordpress.com
Cost: not much as our eggs come from our chickens and the bread was homemade.

Time: 10 mins

Age: 1 year + (1-12 year olds will need help with the stove and toaster)

Taught: concept of ‘boiling’, patience and using a timer.


What’s On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

What's On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

With Jasmine
I’m into being cheap, I mean recycling so today’s cutting practise was an recycled catalogue cut into strips. On some strips thick lines were drawn for a cutting guide. A big mess was made but much fun was also had by Lacy and Aniya (2 years 9 months).

Dishwasher Matching – Montessori inspired practical life

With Jasmine

Cutlery Matching
Although I don’t follow all of the Montessori style of child raising there are some things I like in it and that includes some of the practical life skills. Frequently ‘matching socks’ is an activity described for toddlers but I discovered that we were doing something even more practical (at least in my home) – Emptying the dishwasher and more specifically the cutlery rack. I realised that when Lacy & Aniya (2yrs) empties the cutlery rack we were doing matching and discussing concepts such as big and little as well as shapes and the names of various cutlery items.
e.g. Big spoon (dessert/soup)
little spoon (teaspoon)
round spoon (soup)
oval spoon (dessert)
sharp knife (do NOT touch these as they are Mummy’s job)
potato peeler
measuring spoons
When we put plates away we also discuss size and shape as well as what they’re made of e.g. ‘Large”, “small”, “plastic”, “bowl” & “plate”.
Does it take longer to have my children help unload the dishwasher? yes but as it teachers family responsibility as well as matching and I need to do this anyway I may as well make it an activity we all do rather than come up with something else for them to do while I’m doing this.
Do I always get them to help? No sometimes I just want it done quickly but if I have time and am in a patient mood I try to get them involved too.
How do they reach? I have some plastic step stools or they drag a chair over to stand on.

Cost: FREE
Time: 10-30mins
Taught: Family responsibility, basic concepts/opposites, nouns, sorting
Age: 2 years+ (the younger the child the more support they will require to do this)

Masking Tape Hopscotch

Masking Tape Hopescotch Zillycreate.wordpress.com

Wet cold days mean kids with far too much energy. My hat goes off to those of you who have families in apartments. I am not used to having to entertain my kids indoors all day. So anyway way you guessed it – it’s wet and cold and even the school kids have too much energy this afternoon. So what to do….

Indoor games that take lots of energy and that doesn’t end in fighting (I’m minding my 6yr old niece as well so have two 6 year olds and two 2 year olds.)

First up Alphabet movement Cards – Printed from here
The 6yr olds spelt out their names and we did the exercises for each letter of their names. (Got in some incidental reading without them realising!)
Then we did the whole alphabet.

Next was insect themed movement exercises from here. As the blog only had a photo of the one she made I then created some but as i don’t yet know how to up load it. If you request a copy in comments I’ll email it to you

Insect Gross Motor Zillycreate.wordpress.com

Masking Tape Hopescotch Zillycreate.wordpress.com

The older two still had excess energy so onto Masking Tape Hopscotch …
Masking Tape
Optional: Bean bag

Using the masking tape “draw” the hopscotch – I used the square tiles for some of my squares but it would be easy to make the whole thing out of tape. Then again with the tape numbers 1-9.

Play hopscotch – hope in numbers 1-3, jump with one foot in each of 4 & 5 hop in 6, jump with one foot in each of 7 & 8 and turn in 9.

Optional: throw the bean bag into square 1 and miss that square. hoping/jumping in the rest as per above, next time through throw the bean bag into square 2 and miss that square and so on. When you throw into 4 miss four by just hopping into 5 and so on.

Ages 4+
Practised throwing, hopping, jumping, planning how to miss the appropriate square.


with Jasmine

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

I saw this post and thought Lacy (2yrs) would love one of these homemade tin drums. I basically followed their tutorial but as it had no photos I’ve included photos of Lacy’s being made…

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

I used a Milo tin.

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

The fabric used was an offcut of recycled curtains – originally an Ikea print. Lacy (2yr) declared it “My favorite”.

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

The hot glue gun got a work out

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

Trimming to size.

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

More hot glue

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

My bowl was close enough to the right size to make the felt ‘skins’. (BTW the Sharpie came off the bowl with warm soapy water).

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

And even more hot glue

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

There had to be some sewing to make it fun… My first round was too far apart so I did a second round I wanted a diamond pattern so I sewed a second round in between the first, only adding beads the first time.

DIY TOYS - Tin drum

Lacy couldn’t wait to play it! Now I need to drink more Milo so I can make one for Aniya.

Easy rip and glue craft

So my girls love to do craft and I wanted nice easy craft ideas that I had the things for.

I found pictures on the net of a butterfly (I have girls) and other pictures. I searched colouring butterfly. We ripped up coloured construction paper that I bought for cheap from office works. Than glued onto the picture. So easy the kids loved!

Needed: paper, glue


Gluten free ideas for school birthdays

My daughters are gluten free, the eldest started school last year and I needed ideas for what I could send instead of cupcakes for school.
Honey joys – so easy and fun for the kids to make with you.
Recipe http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipe/honey-joys-L6712.html
I just use corm flakes with no gluten. Eg skippy or home brand etc.
Really good as low allergy as no nuts, eggs and could use dairy free butter:) even better so fast to make!