Australia Day Mini Preschool Pack

Australia Day (26th January) is fast approaching. To celebrate I’m sharing some Australian animal activity sheets.
To use at home click on the photo, then click again to ‘save the image’ you can then save the photo and insert it into Word or like to print.
Australian Animals Prewriting
Australian Animals Word Associations
<img src= alt="Australian Animals Same
For those less familiar with Australian animals
Top row has a wombat, kangaroo, wombat and koala
Second row has a kookaburra, cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet or parrot and another kookaburra
Third row 2 kangaroos, a dingo (native dog) and a koala
Fourth row koalas

Age: 2-4 years
Cost: printing (or free if you save them on a tablet and use in a free drawing app)
Learning: left to right prewriting skills, word associations, vocabulary, concepts of same, different and similar.


What’s On the Tray Today? An Invitation to Create

With Jasmine
What's On the Tray Today? An Invitation to Create.
Left over craft materials made for lots of fun. I divided the remaining craft materials (from a Cre8tiv Kidz Make Your Own Paper Puppets set) into two containers and provided blank paper and glue. Lacy (3 years 0 months) loves gluing and hates it when there is no more gluing to do in an activity so she particularly loved this activity – there was plenty to glue and even better no set place to stick it.
What's On the Tray Today? Invitation to Create

Cost: Free – It was leftovers – (the original Cre8tiv Kidz. Make your own paper puppets cost approx. $5 from Kmart.)
What's On the Tray Today? Invitation to Create

Ages: 2+ years

Taught: Creativity, colours, shapes, and we also counted.

Time: 10-30mins

What’s On the Tray Today? Lacing Cards and Colouring

With Jasmine

What's On the Tray Today? Lacing Cards & Colouring.

These lacing cards were given to Lacy and Aniya (3 years 0 months) for their birthdays. You could easily make your own like this, by punching holes around the edge of cereal box pictures, pages of old board books or my favourite – postcards.

Due to the small size and flat nature of lacing cards they would make a great travelling activity and/or busy bag activity.

(NB the crayons were also a present and are very cute but unfortunately the colouring tip breaks very easily)

What’s On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

What's On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

With Jasmine
I’m into being cheap, I mean recycling so today’s cutting practise was an recycled catalogue cut into strips. On some strips thick lines were drawn for a cutting guide. A big mess was made but much fun was also had by Lacy and Aniya (2 years 9 months).