Preparing to travel with young kids

With Jasmine 

Preparing to travel with young kids
You’ve decided on a family holiday? Congratulations – now comes the hard fun part getting ready…

1. Decide on your accommodation and transport needs while away as these will affect what you need to pack.

2. Washing!?! Yes how much washing do you intend to do while away? Again this affects how much and what you pack. (I prefer to have accommodation where I can wash if we are away for more that 3-4 days)

3. Packing list – I would say this is essential to allow you to pack over a few days, check that you have all necessary clothing and items before packing and stops (well reduces) you forgetting the essentials. My packing list is extensive covering;
Each person’s clothing needs (underwear, hats, day clothing, swimmers)
Toiletries (including medications such as children’s Panadol)
Kitchen/food items
Electronics (phones, chargers etc)
Other (camera, mum’s pillow, tickets, toys, reading material, music etc)
Jobs (feed animals, water plants, lock windows etc)
You can find various packing lists all over the Internet e.g.
Here and here
There are packing list apps for all types of devices and you
can even get the kids involved with packing with lists like this one

4. Sort clothes – checked that those you want to take are clean and in good repair (in enough time to wash, repair or buy further clothing). See my Pinterest board for travel wardrobe / travel capsule ideas.

5. Source travel toys – you may need to hide some of your child’s toys for a few weeks before travelling so they are ‘new’ again. You may want to make or print some toys or activities. You may also like to look out for travel toys to buy new or preloved.

6. Plan food – food can be such a big cost when travelling. Planning ahead can reduce the stress of deciding on and finding food both in transit and at your destination. The last few times we’ve travelled I’ve paid closer attention to this and it has been much less stressful as well as much cheaper and healthier.

7. Plan a rough itinerary – if you are a free spirit then no need but for the rest of us having at least some idea of what activities might happen what days means you can plan clothing appropriately and have a better chance of fitting everything in. I find it best for my family to keep the itinerary fluid to suit weather, children and my pain level (I have chronic back pain) but work to your families strengths. I find planning can be half the fun. I love looking at all the possibilities.

Have fun getting ready….Anything I’ve forgotten?