DIY Birthday Present – Girls Baking Set

DIY Birthday Present - Girls Baking Set

With Jasmine
I like making birthday presents as I think it makes it a bit more personal to have taken time to think about and make a birthday present.
This was made for a school friend of Aaron’s 6th birthday.

It includes a
home made m&m biscuit mix (covered with the same fabric)
apron ( made using this pattern but I found it a bit small for this age
mixing bowl
cookie sheet
Pretty bag (that can double as a library bag) to wrap it all in.

Cost: approx $20
Time: Approx 2 hrs


What’s On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

What's On the Tray Today? Recycled Snipping

With Jasmine
I’m into being cheap, I mean recycling so today’s cutting practise was an recycled catalogue cut into strips. On some strips thick lines were drawn for a cutting guide. A big mess was made but much fun was also had by Lacy and Aniya (2 years 9 months).